[PSA] Ionic and ios-deploy

I’m the maintainer of Apache Cordova iOS (which Ionic uses) and the maintainer of ios-deploy

I couldn’t find the source code where Ionic instructs you to install ios-deploy (if not I would have sent a pull request), but lately there has been an increase of emails from people (which includes Ionic users) that have problems installing ios-deploy on OS X 10.11 El-Capitan.

Unfortunately when the install fails, it instructs users to email the package owners directly, instead of directing them to the issue tracker listed in the package.json.

Can the Ionic maintainers please add a link or instruction somewhere in their source to make sure their users are installing ios-deploy correctly on El-Cap? See: https://github.com/phonegap/ios-deploy#os-x-1011-el-capitan

Thank you.

Taking a look into this now, sorry for the hassle!

Found the code where it instructs users: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic-app-lib/blob/9da64e94941404c9c72f06511a009cf84e4c700c/lib/info.js#L342

Please add the additional flag as referenced above in the README.