Providing different views depending on platform?


Is there a way of providing specific views for specific plaforms ? Using ui-router?

Ionic provides a great way of formating each view depending on weather it is iOS or Android using the “same” view but what if I need to provide a compeletly different look and feel for ios and android ?

This also brings another question to mind which i presume is similar to the quesiton above. Is it possible to provide a different statemachine for each platform i.e.

ios example
viewA > viewB >viewC

android example
viewA > viewB >viewB1 > viewC

so in the example above mthe ios uses the same view A and B and C … as android but android has an additional view called viewB1.

I presume the logic of all the above lies within the ui-router. I am just not 100% sure of how to provide platform specific states.

Anyone know of a good blog post that covers the above scenerios ? I wasn’t able to find one.

Thanks in advance.
try to play with platform detection and according to the platform configure links between views

@ianjohnmadrid did you get a solution to this yet. I am in the same situation