Protocol-relative path in 3rd party libraries

Hi group,

sorry if this question might have been asked already. I am developing an app with a video player. So, the embed code of the video player requires including a third party .js library. In that library there is a reference to an API call which uses an protocol-relative paths.

When I launch the app for iOS, I have the 'file:// …" error messages. I’m on ionic 2.0.0 version and Cordova 6.3.1.

I can download a local copy of the 3rd party library but that would prevent for automatic updates of the player’s version.
Looking at different posts, it seems that Angular doesn’t allow protocol-relative URLs.

Am I at the dead-end of keeping a local copy of this 3rd party library or is there a kind of configuration that I can use in my config.xml that I can use? Or anything else?

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this. is my problem. Can you fixed?