Protactor and collection-repeat


Currently Ionic’s collection-repeat directive is not covered by Protractor’s by.repeater() locator. To make this work just means adding an additional entry to the prefixes list in the lib/clientsidescripts.js in protractor (I have done this locally, it seems to work).

Of course I would like to make a solution available to others, but putting a PR in for this (against the protractor repo) is likely to be rejected I think (since it’s not core angular). The alternative (or one of) is to maybe create a plugin that could add this or another locator. The thing is I have no idea where to start and I can’t find a decent tutorial on how to do this.

Any advice would be great, and I’m sure the outcome would mean better testing of Ionic apps in the future.


Announcing protractor-Ionic-locator
Collection-repeat is creating too many DOM nodes

So there is functionality available in protractor to add your own locators… so this would be a good start. It also seems that perhaps this can be made public as an npm package (like this one

I’ll add this to my to-do list :wink:


I’ve written up a quick post on the issue and also detailed the work-arounds
I hope this is of use.

Work has started on the NPM package.