Proposal to improve forum category tags

Since the release of Ionic 4, the framework itself has become way more flexible and dynamic, but the category tags here in the forum don’t really cater for all the extra options we now have in structuring our apps… Any chance we could update these categories accordingly then?

Looking at the current categories, along with their current descriptions:

  • ionic: …“is for all posts related to the @ionic/core or @ionic/angular package of the framework itself”
    • ionic-v3 (as a sub-category of ionic): …“is for all posts related to ionic-angular the framework itself”
  • ionic-v1: …“is for all posts related to the Ionic V1 framework itself”

These categories make it really difficult to post something new in the appropriate place, as well as search existing posts for possibly relevant information. This is pretty obvious when you look at how many duplicate questions there are, most of the people who posted them probably didn’t even see the ones posted (and sometimes solved) before them.

As such, I’d like to propose the following categories instead:

  • Ionic v1: for all Ionic 1 posts, as it currently is.
  • Ionic v2-v3: for all Ionic 2 or 3 posts, since they had practically the same app structure and therefore solutions to common problems.
  • Ionic v4: for all Ionic 4 posts, regardless of the UI framework used, along with the following sub-categories:
    • Angular: for anything using @ionic/angular
    • JS: for anything using vanilla JS
    • React: for anything using @ionic/react
    • Vue: for anything using @ionic/vue

Implementing this would only negate one existing ionic category, which I would say (considering this is the Ionic Forum) is a negligible loss, but it would allow both existing and new posts to be categorised in a much more usable structure, both for those seeking help and those offering it…

It also paves the way to more easily create new categories in the future if/when Ionic integrates with other UI frameworks, including those done in existing or new major Ionic versions.

As a side-note, the demo and showcase categories seem to duplicate each other, as demo is “to show off coolness you’ve built” while showcase is for “an app you’re really proud of” or “a plugin that you want to promote or showoff”. So, I would recommend using something like App Showcase and Plugin Showcase instead.

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