Property tags


Hi all, first I’d like to say wow! You guys are really sweet.

I am working on an application and in trying to add new features, I figured out that I don’t know enough to continue with my app. I’m interested in learning more about property tags. (That’s the name I’m giving them, I have no idea if that’s what they’re called.)

For example:
<button class="button button-icon>
I’m calling “item-icon” a property tag of “item”.

<ion-item class"item item-accordion">
Again, “item-accordion” is a property tag of “item”.

If anyone can help direct me to a website where I can learn more about them that would be awesome! If there’s a super list of all of these property tags I would appreciate it very much.

Thank you!!



Hey there, not sure what you mean by property, but if you need to learn more about ionic and it’s components, check out our learn site :smile:


Uh, sorry, my examples didn’t show up! AHHHH

So my examples were:

<ion-item class="item-accordion item-icon-right item-text-wrap">

item-accordion, item-icon-right and item-text-wrap are all examples of what I’m looking for.

I actually started using Ionic just as the learn site was being made so I’m pretty familiar with it. It doesn’t really have what I’m looking for.

Again, I’m looking for a list of all these “property tags” like item-text-wrap and stuff.

Thanks again,



Then you should look over our docs, which have our css styles and directives.