Prompt for background geolocation after already using foreground location


I’m using the Geolocation and Background Geolocation native plugins for an app I’m working on at the moment. Most of the functionality of the app can use foreground geolocation, however there are some non-default options which can be set, which require background geolocation as well.

In the docs, it says you must request background geolocation permission before foreground geolocation. Is this correct?

If you request background geolocation immediately, the prompt can be scary to privacy-conscious users, who don’t want the app tracking them when they’re not using it, and they’ll deny the permission. Since the app requires at least foreground permission, they won’t able to do anything at all.

Surely there must be a way to request elevated permissions, after already requesting foreground? I know there is a way for native apps, as Uber recently started collecting background location data – after already having foreground permission.