Prompt Alert has Text Box move when keyboard pop ups

I keep finding this bugs in Ionic, how we submit them to get fixed?
(or a way to check if the bug has already been submitted)

An Alert Controller. But with a prompt.
Doing the same thing as the Demo.

  doPrompt() {
    let alert = this.alertCtrl.create({
      title: 'Login',
      message: 'Enter a name for this new album you\'re so keen on adding',
      inputs: [
          name: 'title',
          placeholder: 'Title'
       buttons: [{
                                text: 'CONTINUE',
                                handler: data => {

The input box gets pushed up on top of the text. I can actually scroll the text inside the alert box.

This was on a Samsung Galaxy S7.

Any way to submit a bug for this?

The code you posted is not the source of the problem. If you post the rest of the related code, maybe someone can help you.

I’m not sure where else the problem could be? I’m not sure what other related code would add to this problem?
Maybe there is some setting or value that is not getting setup that handles larger keyboards?

Does Ionic have a way to submit bugs like this?

The code that includes alert.create().

I don’t see how that is any different then the example above?
I don’t think the popup was meant to have that much text. (be that big). Probably have to move it over to modal.

 let tokenPopup = this.tokenAlert.create({
                            title: '',
                            message: this.translateService.instant('ENTERTOKEN'),
                            inputs: [{
                                name: 'token',
                                placeholder: 'Security Token'
                            buttons: [{
                                text: this.translateService.instant('CONTINUE'),
                                handler: data => {

                                    this.token = data.token;

where is tokenPopop.present()?

it was the next line, I just didn’t get it in my copy and paste. I don’t know why that mattered?
I edited the other post so its there.

Because you haven’t posted the part of your code that is causing the problem. Your translateService now looks suspicious. But I’m not going to keep begging you for information. Good luck.

The Translation is just text. How would that cause the Text box to go over the top of the text?

If I put the text in subTitle instead of the message I get this.

Not the best, but better than any other solution so far.