Projects aren't creating?

I had like Ionic 3 on my desktop, but I’ve not used it in like a year or so… I want to start a new project so I updated Ionic 3 to Ionic 4 and then I ran the start command: ionic start "projectname" blank and it just completely stops at random… I’ve tried multiple times, right now it stopped at:

> npm i
[            ......] / extract: sill extract npm-registry-fetch@3.9.0

This is very frustrating,
please help.


hello, Uninstall ionic and install it again.

Command to remove Cordova and ionic

For Window system

  • npm uninstall -g ionic
  • npm uninstall -g cordova

For the Mac system

  • sudo npm uninstall -g ionic
  • sudo npm uninstall -g cordova

For install cordova and ionic

  • npm install -g cordova
  • npm install -g ionic