Project structure move from IONIC 2 beta structure to IONIC 3 Structure

First of all thanks to ionic team for valuable supports .
Guys we started our project in last December means dec 2016 . So my project structure is with app folder which having only app.ts file to manage my application , but now i wants to use basic functionality of ionic 3 like lazy loading and all.
But while moving for that with my same directory structure i am facing a different issues.
So can you please guide me how to update project structure …
Thanks in Advance…

Directory structure should not be an issue, and should not have to be changed.

Incidentally, I would pump the brakes a bit on lazy loading being considered “basic functionality of Ionic” yet. It may deliver great benefits to apps that don’t share much of any functionality across pages, but could turn out to be a net lose for apps with custom components that are used in many pages.

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