Progressive Web App with Capacitor 3 and Ionic 5

Hi all, I have developed a progressive web app with Capacitor 3.2.3, there are several things that don’t work especially on IOS, including:

     Clipboard.write({string:}).then(value => {
        console.log('Codice Sconto Copiato');
  • Dialog.confirm (^1.0.3) - not work on all devices, it’s not change button, and the title doesn’t appear:
          title: 'SCARICA L\'APP',
          message: `Stai utilizzando la versione web dell'app di GosuMania, dove non sono disponibili tutte le funzionalità.<br>
          Se possiedi un dispositivo android scarica la nostra app oppure continua con questa.`,
          okButtonTitle: 'Scarica l\app',
          cancelButtonTitle: 'Continua'
        }).then((response) => {
          console.log('response SCARICA L\'APP: ', response.value);
          if(response !== null && response !== undefined && response.value) {
  '', '_blank')

Link of my APP : (I know it’s not responsive for desktop, try it with Safari)

I have updated everything to the latest version because it is a new installation of both Ionic and the different plugins.

Many thanks in advance