Progressive Web App Build Size

I am building a progressive web app using Ionic App. Looking at my www folder the total is 20mb. The nested build folder is 16mb.

Admittingly it is a large app but even 20mb seems a bit high, especially when comparing to the src folder which is only 4.8mb.

Is 20mb normal for a progressive web app? If I have service workers enabled, will alot of this be cached?

how do you build your app?

did you run the build command with --prod?

What is you ionic info output?
What exact command do you use to build your app?
What external libraries are you using? Plugins?

Hi guys thanks for your replies. I had only used ionic serve to make the build, what I did not realise I have to execute: npm run ionic:build --prod to minimise my code. This has brought up another set up problems due to the Ionic introduction of modules within the templates but I am working through it. But hopefully once I get it compile and check the minified version it won’t be nearly as big.

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