Programatically show copy&paste menu


I have an app where I’m using long click to show a menu for the user (when clicking on a text), but now I want to enable so that the user can copy & paste the same text. So I want to implement, that when the user is dubbled tapping on the text, the native copy & paste menu i shown. It only needs to work in iOS. The actual reason to be able to show it, is so that the user can use the Text-To-Speech feature on iOS. Any one has an idea how to solve this? An alternative is to use a TTS library, but I would like to use the iOS build in one.

Im not sure about actually targeting the native copy/paste menu, but there is a directive to copy to clip board.

I’ve never used it so I can swear by it, but it’s an angular module so it will fit in to your work flow.