Production app not making http calls

We have built an app with ionic framework and published on play store. But the http calls ae not working. We are using http client

Are your endpoints using HTTPS?

what if we don’t have HTTPS (SSL certificate)?
is it necessary to use HTTPS for a production application?
is there any alternate way to avoid it?
mine API hosted in the testing server so I don’t have an SSL certificate so I also have the same issue.

There are two servers one http and other https. Http one where android apps backend is running and in https web application back end is running. We are routing request from http to https server and responding back.

Normal build apk is making calls but when the apk is published to Play Store not working

Yes i am using endpoints proxy redirect.

Then I would recommend getting one. LetsEncrypt provides them for free.

I guess that depends on who gets to define “necessary”. If it were up to me, yes.

What happens if you change the android app to only access the HTTPS endpoint?

Add your server IP address to network configuration and allow cleartexttraffic