Problems with <select> and options

Hello everybody,
I’m experiencing problems with the tag using ng-options.
The first time I choose one option everything is ok, but after that this is what happens:
-I choose one option, and it calls the chage function but the select doesn’t render the option. The model has the correct one but it isn’t rendered in the select combo box.
-If I touch whatever, any element, in the screen, then it updates.

If you know what happens, please help me,

Thanks in advance!

Take a look through this:

Options in angular don’t behave quite like you might expect, or at least as I expected.

Yes I’ve read this, but the problem is only in my phone or in the emulator, not in the browser…
When I select the default option ( I’m filtering, so Its the “All” option which doesn’t come from the server"). The other options come from the server and everything works well but the rendering thing…

Hope you understand me…:smiley:

is there some code? It takes a few minutes to put together a codePen and it will go a long way toward helping you solve your problem

Yeah I could do the code pen but the problem is that in the browser everything works okey so you are not going to see anything I think. It’s like a problem in the rendering part of the browser in the phone.

Hmm I don’t have a solution for this, but as a hacky solutution you could fire $scope.$digest() on ngChange

If I do this, angular fires an exception:
Error: [$rootScope:inprog] $apply already in progress