Problems with scroll inside ion-slide - cube effect - on mobile

I have implemented the cube effect example shown at
The effect works fine but I am having a problem with vertical scrolling inside the sides.

I am using ion-content inside each slide. The content is larger than the view so scrolling should take place. Scrolling only works on the first slide… any additional slides do not not scroll.

*Note, this is only a problem on mobile as a native app (only tested IOS). When testing on browser/mobile dev tools, it works fine.

I have also tried using a regular div with overflow: scroll. This works with sticky scrolling but then if I add -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch, to get a nice scroll effect, scrolling only works on the first slide and stops on the next ones.

I have tried to troubleshoot this for two days with no success. The problem only happens on native mobile, so it makes testing harder.

The problem comes with the cube effect example… on regular slide it works fine

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