Problems with notifications in iOS application rejected (to share my experience)

Community, I am making an application on iOS with which he hoped to receive notifications. When tested on devices all worked well even application was validated. A couple of days went up to the App Store and was rejected by the first instance, for lack of metadata (rare?) And also left me a question. At what point the functionality of background audio is used? That question surprised me because it never reproduced audio in my application but had a plugin (which fails here) who used so that when the device was suspended, will run a ‘cron’ consulting my web service if there was something new or not and that’s when sending notifications. Now, after answering your question and forward them to review my application I get back that was actually rejected and why. Because audio is never reproduced, the background mode is for that or any audio application running.

I know how bad I wanted to send notifications was, how it worked was not the right way, is why I want to leave here my experience and also see if someone can help me or give advice regarding how to generate notifications. The best roads to take and how to make this not a common problem becomes tedious.

I leave here the plugin worked for me pretty well in the function I wanted to give.

Greetings to all and any contribution, criticism or advice is very welcome :slight_smile:

plugin : background mode