Problems upgrading from Ionic CLI 2.x to latest

Please excuse my ignorance, I am in the process of upgrading now. How is this link below related to upgrading. Must I upgrade the CLI as well?

Another extremely important question, if I upgrade the CLI, will I still be able to build my Ionic 2 App with the latest V3 of the CLI?

The current CLI can be used for ALL Ionic projects, even ionic v1.

You should keep the CLI updated at all times if possible. New versions only work with current CLI versions (and old CLI versions tend to break over time as stuff changes)

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Okay, I followed the guide above and after globally uninstalling Ionic 2.2.1 and installing ionic@latest, when I follow the guide running ionic info I get this error

Cannot find module ‘/home//front3/node_modules/ionic’

Also ionic cordova fails with the same error. I am on Linux
Any idea?

Uninstalling ionic and installing 2.2.1 makes things work again. Also before uninstalling, if I go out of the project directory and run the ionic info, it works, output-ing general info of course. So it seems like the problem is in my project configuration somewhere. Where would that be? Where should I be looking?

The // here is strange. It shouldn’t do that I think.

Post your npm list -g --depth=0 please.

sorry, this is my mistake, I was just removing the actual path when I left behind a /