Problems migrating from b13 to rc0

Hello all,

I am a new user of Ionic, and I have been developing an app on it. After my initial investigation, I started the project using the yeoman generator-ionic which worked well with me to start with.

A few days ago, I decided I wanted to update to rc.0 to get all the latest goodies. After my initial fixes, I ran into 2 issues with Android, which I cannot solve and can’t find anything while googling.

  1. The keybord plugin breaks scrolling. When I open the keyboard, the scrolling event stops working. I think there is something preventing the event, but I can’t find it. This works on desktop browser, but not on my mobile app.

  2. Animations for the sidebar and popup stopped working. Again, this works on the desktop browser but not on the mobile app.

For testing I am using my own phone, which is the OnePlusOne, with the CyanogenMod11

Forgot to mention. I had found a thread about the scrolling issue suggesting to comment out some lines in keyboard.js, and that didn’t seem to work

Ok, an update… I used ionic start sidemenu to test the latest release with my android. Animations seem to be working fine now

As for the scrolling, i see it is a common issue other people are having and I am following the other threads to find the answer. This can be closed