Problem with notification push

This problem occurs when I start my application in xcode, obtain the token of my device does not give problems, but this error was strange, if anyone has thought and knew how to solve it, I would appreciate.

enabledRemoteNotificationTypes is not supported in iOS 8.0 and later.

I have this problem too. Googling this error comes up with this, it appears that the maintainer isn’t working on the project any more :frowning: I installed the fork that was described, which indeed got rid of that error, but it caused other problems as well so I ended up reversing it.

It looks like you can make the fix directly in xcode but that’s not an ideal situation either. I just submitted my app to apple this morning, and it has this error so I’ll let you know if they end up rejecting it due to this :smile:

Did it reject? Or dit Apple accepted this?

If Apple if you agree! @coreelements

Dit Apple rejected the app?

You should use new push plugin