Problem with menu dropdown - Slow animation

Hello guys, i have a problem with custom menu dropdown. When i click on button, my dropdown displays slowly, i tried to disable animations and again its slowly.

Please help me with this, its killing me. You can see app on ionic view, my app id is EF589A7B.

Here is my code below.


// adding class inactive 
   $scope.isActive = false;    

   $scope.openMenu = function(){
     $scope.isActive = !$scope.isActive;


<ion-nav-buttons side="right">
    <button class="button button-clear" ng-click="openMenu()">
         <span class="icon ion-navicon"></span>
         <ul class="menu-inactive" ng-class="{'menu-active': isActive}">
             <li class="menu-logo"><img src="img/menu-logo.png" alt=""></li>
             <li ng-repeat="categoryItem in menuCategories">
                 <a href="#/tab/home/{{categoryItem.slug}}" ng-bind-html=""></a>