Problem with ion-google-autocomplete

I’m trying to deploy ion-google-autocomplete in my application (of type tabs) but it does not work. I followed the documentation on this page:

It does not give any error in the console or in the network of the navigator, simply does not appear the predictions of google when using the field.


<script src="js/ion-google-autocomplete.js"></script>


.controller(‘CompartirCtrl’, function($scope, $location, $cordovaSQLite) {

  $ = {};

$scope.countryCode = ‘ES’;

$scope.onAddressSelection = function (location) {

//Do something
var a = location.address_components;



 <input type="text" placeholder="Change address" google-autocomplete-suggestion location="data.location" country-code="{{countryCode}}" on-selection="onAddressSelection(location)" ng-model="data.location.formatted_address" required>

Isnt that for ionic1?