Problem With APS After Upload To Apple Store

Hello Everyone! First at all, thank you for yours shares and time.

Well , I had crossing a bad time those weeks. I finished a Ap for Iphone With Ionic 1 . All works fine! When I use XCODE and test in IPA in download and install by manual way. The problem happen when I upload the Ap to final version in Apple Store. It have only 7mb but after the true submit they inject crypt for secure reasons. It’s changed his size to 20mb and after that when I download and install it bye the Apple Store tool’s like I tunes. It only work in I phone 4 and totally crash! For others verssions like Iphone 5. So on, I really need some directions from who did that task ago. Please help me! My job depend on it… Ty.

So your app works until you download and install it from the App Store?
On which devices does it work or later not work? (Your language was unclear on that)

Its ,works fine! When I generate the IPA for manually install. When I send to Apple Store it works only for Iphone 4 with IOS 9 when try Iphone 5 with IOS 10 it works one time. Before put it in background when back from background all things stop working. But with IPA for manually install its work I ios 9 and 10 ?

Again your text is hard to understand where it does work and where it doesn’t.

Does it work on all devices with all iOS version when testing the debug version?
On which devices and OS versions does it work and on which does it not work when installing from the AppStore?

  1. It work for all when I build it out of Apple Store. 2) When I put in Apple Store it work just one time. Before put it in background, after that, if I try use again its crash. 3) The app is 7mb , after Apple Store it change to 20mb. 4) It work for 9 IOS 9 Version, and for IOS 10 version in both Iphone 4, 5, … But when I is in apple store version, it work only for 9 version.

Resume: work for 4 and 5 Iphone , before store, after store work just for 4 iphone 9 ios, and for 5 iphone and 10 ios not.

I too find your text hard to understand. I don’t know what your problem is but if you are desperate to get the application working I can only suggest to install crosswalk.

ionic plugin add cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview

Again, this is not a solution as such but it may allow you to solve compatibility issues. This will also greatly increase the size of your application but if it gets it working it may be worth it.

Thank you for the tip. I will try explain it in a easy way.

When I create the IPA and install it manually downloading with ITUNES without being in the store. Works well for IOS 9 (IPHONE 4) and IOS 10 (IPHONE 5). But, when I submit the IPA for production the final version in the store of the Apple Store. Works for IPHONE 4 only. When I try to run on IPHONE 5 it works badly, it locks, closes, bugs … It does not seem to compile correctly for IOS 10 only for IOS 9 (it was better to understand I used a translator)

I found the solution! Is a directive in index need open:

gap://ready file://*

need put it in index

A developer Adriano Salles found this solutions.

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