Problem using own directives as root elements in ionic router. Not showing(partially) the first time (preparation for angular2))

I want to prepare my ionic app for angula 2, for this I followed the idea that you should only have directives and no “free” controllers that are bind to a template via the router.

I am using a tab layout and my problem is that my directive doesn’t load properly the first time I acces the tab, only the second time all elements show up in the view, especially everything in the <ion-nav-buttons> is not applied.

I have made a little codepen to show the problem. It is the standard codepen,
the only thing I did was capsulate the home view in an directive and loading it directly in the router via <home></home>
As you see the first time it loads there is no content, when you switch to the next tab and back everything shows as it should. (there is a button in the nav-bar that doesn’t show the first time)

Hope you understand the problem and have some ideas about this :slight_smile:
Thanks a lot.