Problem to have a fixed element with ion-slides


I would like to know if it is possible to have fixed elements when we scroll into ion-slides ?

For example, in the following codepen,, I would like the two “chevron” buttons to be fixed even if we scroll. I tried with position:fixed, position:absolute etc… but nothing worked…

Do you have an idea ? Thanks by advance

Hey Remiprivet, did you solve this problem?

Hey, Sorry I did not reply to it but indeed I fixed my Problem :

I updated the previous Codepen if it can helps someone. (The 4 buttons Left/Right/Up/Down are now fixed when we scroll the page)

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Thanks remiprivet.
Do you have an idea how to create fixed items on the ion-slides view?

hello. i still couldn’t fix item on ion-slides. any news on this one?