[Problem] Testing on Android tutorial required

Dear Sir/madam,

I am not able to find any exact precise steps to test my code on a real phone, not an emulator. Can anyone please guide me , , I have Android 4.1.2 ,Samsung s2 DUOS?

Connect your device to your computer, run ionic cordova run android, the app should now run on your Android device that is connected to your computer.

Thank you for your reply, though I have tried that earlier and got the following

The issue remains the same …

steps followed :


ionic cordova run android

I thought maybe I have to add android so I wrote the following command

2 >

ionic cordova platform add android


3 >

ionic cordova platform add android --verbose --save

So I thought perhaps Cordova is missing , I ran the command


sudo ionic cordova run android

no problems with wifi connection

But the issues still exist

An error occurred while running subprocess cordova


Post your ionic info output please.

cordova-android 0.0.8 is very wrong and broken.