Problem regrarding ionic start

i got a error when we start ionic framework

:\Users\GUPTA\AppData\Local\Temp\plugman\g it\1400732142553’… fatal: unable to access ‘’: C ould not resolve host:

please solve it

Are you able to access the github website? This seems to be a client-side problem.

we can not access github .Problem is that i am using proxy server

There’s a solution that is built into the CLI

$ sudo npm uninstall -g ionic
$ sudo npm install -g ionic
$ PROXY= ionic start what
PROXY= ionic start what

this command not work in cmd
for ionic installation i am using
npm --https-proxy=http://username:password@ install -g ionic
then we start ionic with following command
ionic start hello
but there is clonig problem
i am using window operating system

Are you using ionic start myapp tabs? Also, what version of the cli do you have installed?

$ ionic --version

i am install ionic framework in ubuntu behid proxy
we run commnad
ionic start hello
we add proxy server in registry.js and request.js

we cannot find registry.js .please provide path of registry.js .

version of cli is 1.0.11

Have you seen this post?