Problem linking my app

I’m moving to an Ionic Pro account and try to link my app. I get an error that I don’t understand. How can I solve it?

console$ ionic link --pro-id abcdefg

? App ID company.mobileapps.appname is already set up with this app. Are you sure you want to link it to aa06f6bc instead? Yes
✖ Looking up app abcdefg - failed!
Request: GET
Response: 401
{ link: null, message: 'Invalid Token', type: 'Unauthorized' }

(I replaced my app id with abcdefg, also my app name is not real here)

I do not get a prompt to login in console.

I could solve it by logging out an in again. Maybe the Ionic team could improve this step and ask for a login if a 401 occurs while linking?

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