Problem in using ion-item with ui-sref

my problem is that when i use ui-sref="" my html button ui changed position and dont work completly
this is the picture when i didnet use ui-sref


and this is when i use ui-sref

and other problem when i use ui-sref in ion-item is that when click on RED cart icon it goto ui-sref url

and this is my code

<ion-nav-title>browse product</ion-nav-title>


    <ion-refresher pulling-text="Refresh" on-refresh="doRefresh()"> </ion-refresher>
        <ion-item class="item-thumbnail-left item-button-right" ng-repeat="product in products" ui- sref="app.product({productID:})">
            <img ng-src="{{product.featured_src}}" />
            <h2> {{product.title}} </h2>
            <p> {{product.categories[0]}} <br/> <span ng-bind-html="product.price_html"> </span> </p>
            <button class="button button-assertive" ng-click="addToCart(product)">
                <i class="icon ion-android-cart"> </i>

    <ion-infinite-scroll on-infinite="loadMore()" ng-if="canLoadMore" immediate-check="false"></ion-infinite-scroll>


do not know exactly what happens, but try ng-click with $state.go instead ui-sref

I got the same problem, and I tried to use $state.go on the ion-item and still do the same.
At least when you click on a button in a ion-item it still clicking on the item and redirect you.

yeah but this is not a problem --> pass $event as a parameter to your addToCart action and in the first line of that function call: $event.preventDefault();

the problem is in html ui ! when use ui-sref the button position changed like pic no2

i used ionic grid layout long time ago for a tutorial app:

get the code here:

i do not like pm, because this forum is about to help each other. And private messages are a little bit like forcing an answer ;).

No problem, in your app you’re not using ion-items, seems to not work with it, so we need to use div ?

I just have one another problem, can you watch this post please : Ion-nav-button always hidden (Ionic v1)

thanks alot <3
i use code