Problem in open side menu with modal

I’ve just worked with Ionic for few days and stuck with this. Every time I open a modal I couldn’t swipe the sidemenu and any pages that I push or setroot in that modal are not able to open sidemenu too. Any help would be very appreciated.

I have a page. - PedidoCadastroPage.

And Call this method:

public abrirListagemProdutos() {

if (this.abaEscolhida == "PRODUTOS")
  if (!this.formPedido.get('fk_id_cliente').value) {
  } else {
    let modal = this.modalCtrl.create("ProdutoListagemPage", {
      pedido: this.formPedido.value,
      mapPedidoProduto: this.gerarMapPedidoProduto()

    modal.onDidDismiss(pedidoProdutos => {



And try to open the side menu, but nothing happen.

When i close the modal the side menu is open in PedidoCadastroPage