Pro Client Setup in Ionic V4

Is there some info how to setup the Pro Client Setup in Ionic 4?

I’m getting a error trying to configure the Pro Client using this doc:

import { IonicErrorHandler } from ‘@ionic/angular’;

(…)/node_modules/@ionic/angular/dist/index"’ has no exported member 'IonicErrorHandler

I’m guessing that this happens because I’m using Ionic 4 and the doc is for Ionic 2 and 3 versions.

Can anyone help?

I don’t know how pro work with v4

But I do think that IonicErrorHandler doesn’t exist anymore in v4

If you use the ErrorHandler instead of the Ionic one, does that work with pro?

import { ErrorHandler } from ‘@angular/core’;

export class ... implements ErrorHandler {

For Sentry it did the tricks, don’t know with Pro

No, still not working …

:frowning: sorry that it didn’t work out, don’t know much more than that

No one else have this problem?

What is the error you are now facing?

If you replaced IonicErrorHandler with ErrorHandler you should now face another one as the one you displayed in a first place

So no fix for ionic pro on Ionic Pro… so why should I even bother paying the subscription

Any updates? @Afrosoft I understand where you coming from but do remember that Ionic 4 has not been officially launched

Now that Ionic 4 is out, how do we use this?