Printing on bluetooth printers

Hi Razmans, when I create a new Buffer, I have to input 2 values as the arguments, size and block size. Would you be kind enough to tell me what those values mean as I couldn’t find much of it on google. What size would you recommend the buffer to be? Also when I specify this.buff.write(CMD.Text_FORMAT.TXT_ALIGN_CT); // Cannot find the name CMD…Is there anything I need to import? Can I use the hexadecimal value ‘\x1b\x61\x01’ as the argument of the write() method instead?


Sir can you help me. I can’t use your code. The CMD keyword not supports coding. What did you do to make it work? do I need to install package?

Sorry for the late response, I use version 2.0.3 mutable buffer, its very straight forward and you dont need to define block size.

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Take note of the data object that I have created in the markdowns:

    LF: '\x0a', //Line feed for new lines
    EOL: '\n', //end of line
        CTL_LF: '\x0a', // Print and line feed
        CTL_FF: '\x0c', // Form feed
        CTL_CR: '\x0d', // Carriage return
        CTL_HT: '\x09', // Horizontal tab
        CTL_VT: '\x0b', // Vertical tab
        LS_DEFAULT: '\x1b\x32',  //Spacing
        LS_SET: '\x1b\x33'  //Spacing
        HW_INIT: '\x1b\x40', // Clear data in buffer and reset modes
        HW_SELECT: '\x1b\x3d\x01', // Printer select
        HW_RESET: '\x1b\x3f\x0a\x00', // Reset printer hardware
        CD_KICK_2: '\x1b\x70\x00', // Sends a pulse to pin 2 []
        CD_KICK_5: '\x1b\x70\x01', // Sends a pulse to pin 5 []
    MARGINS: {
        BOTTOM: '\x1b\x4f', // Fix bottom size
        LEFT: '\x1b\x6c', // Fix left size
        RIGHT: '\x1b\x51', // Fix right size
    PAPER: {
        PAPER_FULL_CUT: '\x1d\x56\x00', // Full cut paper
        PAPER_PART_CUT: '\x1d\x56\x01', // Partial cut paper
        PAPER_CUT_A: '\x1d\x56\x41', // Partial cut paper
        PAPER_CUT_B: '\x1d\x56\x42', // Partial cut paper
        TXT_NORMAL: '\x1b\x21\x00', // Normal text
        TXT_2HEIGHT: '\x1b\x21\x10', // Double height text
        TXT_2WIDTH: '\x1b\x21\x20', // Double width text
        TXT_4SQUARE: '\x1b\x21\x30', // Double width & height text

        TXT_CUSTOM_SIZE: function(width, height) { // other sizes
            var widthDec = (width - 1) * 16;
            var heightDec = height - 1;
            var sizeDec = widthDec + heightDec;
            return '\x1d\x21' + String.fromCharCode(sizeDec);

        TXT_HEIGHT: {
            1: '\x00',
            2: '\x01',
            3: '\x02',
            4: '\x03',
            5: '\x04',
            6: '\x05',
            7: '\x06',
            8: '\x07'
        TXT_WIDTH: {
            1: '\x00',
            2: '\x10',
            3: '\x20',
            4: '\x30',
            5: '\x40',
            6: '\x50',
            7: '\x60',
            8: '\x70'

        TXT_UNDERL_OFF: '\x1b\x2d\x00', // Underline font OFF
        TXT_UNDERL_ON: '\x1b\x2d\x01', // Underline font 1-dot ON
        TXT_UNDERL2_ON: '\x1b\x2d\x02', // Underline font 2-dot ON
        TXT_BOLD_OFF: '\x1b\x45\x00', // Bold font OFF
        TXT_BOLD_ON: '\x1b\x45\x01', // Bold font ON
        TXT_ITALIC_OFF: '\x1b\x35', // Italic font ON
        TXT_ITALIC_ON: '\x1b\x34', // Italic font ON

        TXT_FONT_A: '\x1b\x4d\x00', // Font type A //normal font
        TXT_FONT_B: '\x1b\x4d\x01', // Font type B //small font
        TXT_FONT_C: '\x1b\x4d\x02', // Font type C //normal font

        TXT_ALIGN_LT: '\x1b\x61\x00', // Left justification
        TXT_ALIGN_CT: '\x1b\x61\x01', // Centering
        TXT_ALIGN_RT: '\x1b\x61\x02', // Right justification
        BARCODE_TXT_OFF: '\x1d\x48\x00', // HRI barcode chars OFF
        BARCODE_TXT_ABV: '\x1d\x48\x01', // HRI barcode chars above
        BARCODE_TXT_BLW: '\x1d\x48\x02', // HRI barcode chars below
        BARCODE_TXT_BTH: '\x1d\x48\x03', // HRI barcode chars both above and below

        BARCODE_FONT_A: '\x1d\x66\x00', // Font type A for HRI barcode chars
        BARCODE_FONT_B: '\x1d\x66\x01', // Font type B for HRI barcode chars

        BARCODE_HEIGHT: function(height) { // Barcode Height [1-255]
            return '\x1d\x68' + String.fromCharCode(height);
        // Barcode Width  [2-6]
        BARCODE_WIDTH: {
            1: '\x1d\x77\x02',
            2: '\x1d\x77\x03',
            3: '\x1d\x77\x04',
            4: '\x1d\x77\x05',
            5: '\x1d\x77\x06',
        BARCODE_HEIGHT_DEFAULT: '\x1d\x68\x64', // Barcode height default:100
        BARCODE_WIDTH_DEFAULT: '\x1d\x77\x01', // Barcode width default:1

        BARCODE_UPC_A: '\x1d\x6b\x00', // Barcode type UPC-A
        BARCODE_UPC_E: '\x1d\x6b\x01', // Barcode type UPC-E
        BARCODE_EAN13: '\x1d\x6b\x02', // Barcode type EAN13
        BARCODE_EAN8: '\x1d\x6b\x03', // Barcode type EAN8
        BARCODE_CODE39: '\x1d\x6b\x04', // Barcode type CODE39
        BARCODE_ITF: '\x1d\x6b\x05', // Barcode type ITF
        BARCODE_NW7: '\x1d\x6b\x06', // Barcode type NW7
        BARCODE_CODE93: '\x1d\x6b\x48', // Barcode type CODE93
        BARCODE_CODE128: '\x1d\x6b\x49', // Barcode type CODE128
        TYPE_PDF417: '\x1b\x5a\x00',
        TYPE_DATAMATRIX: '\x1b\x5a\x01',
        TYPE_QR: '\x1b\x5a\x02',
        CODE2D: '\x1b\x5a',
        S_RASTER_N: '\x1d\x76\x30\x00', // Set raster image normal size
        S_RASTER_2W: '\x1d\x76\x30\x01', // Set raster image double width
        S_RASTER_2H: '\x1d\x76\x30\x02', // Set raster image double height
        S_RASTER_Q: '\x1d\x76\x30\x03', // Set raster image quadruple
        BITMAP_S8: '\x1b\x2a\x00',
        BITMAP_D8: '\x1b\x2a\x01',
        BITMAP_S24: '\x1b\x2a\x20',
        BITMAP_D24: '\x1b\x2a\x21'
    GSV0_FORMAT: {
        GSV0_NORMAL: '\x1d\x76\x30\x00',
        GSV0_DW: '\x1d\x76\x30\x01',
        GSV0_DH: '\x1d\x76\x30\x02',
        GSV0_DWDH: '\x1d\x76\x30\x03'

I’ve declared the above markdowns elsewhere first and i call CMD such as below:

let CMD=data;

that’s how i am using CMD. Hope that helps

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Thank you! It works likea charm! God bless you!

hi ,i follow your sample and every thing is fine but i have a problem in arabic font how i could write arabic data
thanks for your help

this works but is there anyway we can print html formatted receipt on thermal mobile printers?

Sir !
Thanks very much, I can print English and numbers,
but can’t print Chinese word…, such as “謝謝”,
how to fix it ?
Thanks a lot

hi @razmans , i have followed the tutorial that you gave and succeeded, but how to combine text and barcode print? please help me.

Sorry for the late reply. Barcode print is on my to do list.

please give me your code example, I really need it with barcode print and text

Is there any chance to get something like this with codes above ( alignment ):

Name: John
Age: 24
City: Berlin
Gender: Male

I need 2 alignments in one row, like example above, ‘Name’ should be aligned left and ‘John’ should be aligned right, but both in same row?

\x1b\x61\x00 Name: \x1b\x61\x00 \x1b\x61\x02 John \x1b\x61\x02
\x1b\x61\x00 Age: \x1b\x61\x00 \x1b\x61\x02 24 \x1b\x61\x02
\x1b\x61\x00 City: \x1b\x61\x00 \x1b\x61\x02 Berlin \x1b\x61\x02
\x1b\x61\x00 Gender: \x1b\x61\x00 \x1b\x61\x02 Male \x1b\x61\x02

See below for my response

Im using it as buffer like this:
Try 1:
this.buff.write('Name: ‘)
Try 2:
Try 3:
this.buff.write(’\x1b\x61\x00’ + ‘Name:’ + ‘\x1b\x61\x00’ + ‘\x1b\x61\x02’ + ‘John’ + ‘\x1b\x61\x02’)

None is working. Actually it aligns all text to the right.

Thx for useful answer, i have one more question i need to change codepage for my bluetooth printer, so i it properly prints chars with cyech diacritics. Iam testing it on this printer :

But it prints chinese chars instead of czech ones

// //barra
// receipt += ‘\x1d\x77\x04’;
// receipt += ‘\x1d\x6b\x02’;
// receipt += ‘111114123457\x00’;

Hi @razmans, its possible text more smaller than normal_text? Thanks

hey @razmans i follwed your steps but my bluetooth printer is not support the POS commands how to find supported commands.

Hey @razmans, I can print plain text, but could you show me an example to print bar codes, using BARCODE_FORMAT… Please (y)