Printing a variable from a different view

Currently I have a list of ionic items and when I click to each items individual page, I want to print that selected items id. To print the list I’m using a request to get the content and a view with ng-repeat to iterate thro the values. My controller for the two views is

app.controller('contentCtrl', [ '$scope', '$state', function($scope, $state){
    $scope.contentCtrl = {};

     // I removed the http array

    $scope.contentCtrl.individual = function($scope, $id) {
        $scope.individualId = $id;

The view for the list is

        <ion-item ng-repeat="individual in httparray" href="#/list/{{}}">
            <div ng-click="contentCtrl.individual({{ }})">
            ID: {{}} 

and the view each item is linked to is

        <h1>Hello - {{ individualId }}</h1>

I’m sorry if it’s hard to read but this problem has been really bothering me. I tried using $stateParams with another ctrl but my http list would always crash. Any help really be very much appreciated.

try to use $rootScope or service / factory$rootScope-and-$scope.html