Preview market app in Ionic View

I am new to this, so may be it is a trivial question.
I go to the Market and find a theme I like.

This page has View ID:

I want to preview it. I have downloaded from the Apple App store the Ionic View app
(actually have downloaded both old and new).
I launch the new app, and input the View ID per above.
I get the ‘toast’ message ‘No public channels for app ID found’

What did I do wrong?

More info

  • I’m in Israel, not US. Could it be a location related?
  • I am behind a home router. I never touched it default config. Could it be some traffic requiring ports that are not open?
  • My device is iPad Pro 9.7". I remember getting the same on my android - but it is not a fact since I did not document it.
  • The iOS ver is 11, but it was problematic (from memory) even before I upgraded
  • I am logged in with my account - which is a developer account. IMHO it should have worked even for logged out user but not sure.

This is the message I get:

Update 2017-10-16:
Problem solved. One should use the old View app - with the white background. I don’t have currently a link to post.
But it worked with at least two IDs.

Probably nothing. The error message indicates the app ID is wrong or it is not correctly published. Contact the author of the app and tell them.

Thanks for answering. My concern is that none of the IDs in the newly published themes worked. I doubt people are buying themes on the market without trying them out first. So I assume I am in the wrong here.

@Sujan12, we can easily figure out if it is me or everyone else. If you try anything from the market on your iOS device and publish here which ID worked, I’ll do the same. It will establish if it is my setup, or the app vendor.

@michaelkariv, ID is 4add583c
But you have to use the old Ionic View app with the white icon.

Same for the one you posted, works in the Legacy Ionic View app.

Confirming - the old app works for the ID you posted.
It also works for one more ID I tried :

This is frustrating as hell. I would expect a gread company behind a great product communicate better.
I would at least expect a link from the ID on the market to an explanation popup or page - how to use it.

This is something the Market authors have to update and communicate in their product page description.