Prevent side menu from showing when starting the app

Following the todo example (, I made my app work with a left-side menu.
However, each time the app runs, the content of the menu comes into the view first, which of course is not expected.

So how to avoid that? I wonder if I missed something…

It is my fault. Just ignore it.

What was this issue? Anything that we could do to make sure it doesn’t happen to any other user?

No, in fact I did not solve it.
At first I tested the app in the desktop-browser, and I found that the side menu just bumped into the view at the start of the app. So I posted the issue here.

But then I tested it on ripple emulator, it did not happen. So I assume that it may be caused by the browser, and I just replied my post.

Now on the device, I find the issue is still there. I guess I have to check the code more carefully.

Alright, do you mind throwing this into a codepen? I can take a look at it and figure out what the issue is

Thank you @mhartington, you are so nice~

It is my fault.
I put the side menu in the index page of the app. That is the reason.

Hi guys,

I’m experiencing the same issue with the menu showing during app loading. However I’m using ionic for a mobile website, not a hybrid app. Is there any chance of avoiding this?


You should put the side menu in some template page instead of the index page.
Anyway, that’s what I did to get rid of the issue.

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