Prevent Menu (Sidemenu) on public routes

Hey guys,

currently playing around with the new beta version.

Some days ago, I asked myself - how could I prevent showing the Sidemenu on public routes (in my understanding, public as long as you are not authenticated)… and someone posted somewhere the solution, that I should disable the menu on those pages with “this.menuCtrl.enable(false)”, but it keeps flickering and while the page is being loaded I can still see the menu for some ms. What is your proposal to prevent this…

Thanks in advance,

if you are using angular i would just ngif the menu based off your authentication

Would that not causing the same issue? I will give it a try.

@jdiapice Still flickering :frowning: Splitpane with the menu (in case bigger devices) is still flickering.

  <ion-split-pane contentId="main-content" *ngIf="authService.isAuthenticated">
    <ion-menu contentId="main-content" type="overlay">
        <ion-list id="inbox-list">

          <ion-menu-toggle auto-hide="false" *ngFor="let p of appPages; let i = index">
            <ion-item routerDirection="root" [routerLink]="[p.url]" lines="none" detail="false" routerLinkActive=
              <ion-icon slot="start" [ios]="p.icon + '-outline'" [md]="p.icon + '-sharp'"></ion-icon>
              <ion-label>{{ p.title }}</ion-label>

        <ion-list id="labels-list">

          <ion-item *ngFor="let label of labels" lines="none">
            <ion-icon slot="start" ios="bookmark-outline" md="bookmark-sharp"></ion-icon>
            <ion-label>{{ label }}</ion-label>
    <ion-router-outlet id="main-content"></ion-router-outlet>

what does the TS file look like?