Prevent keyboard from showing up


Is there any way to prevent mobile keyboard from showing up when you tap on a text field?


Not really, since the point of a text area is to enter text. What is it that you wish to accomplish?


I would like to call a modal window when you tap on a text field.

There is actually a way to accomplish it by adding the readonly="false" property to that textfield and it works just fine but I ran into a weird bug - when you tap on a readonly field and then go to another view it would make that view “unscrollable” and it only happens on iPhone.


Can you create a codepen example for this? I can test it on a device and see whats going on.

What version of ionic are you using? Are you including the ionic keyboard plugin? What iphone and os version?


My two cents, why do you create an input field if you fill through modal ? Is a button or whatever you can click not enough?


I think the problem is on my end somewhere. I tried to replicate the issue using one of those “get started” examples and it all worked fine…


Here is a reason, perhaps, to prevent the keyboard from popping up. I want the data to be read-only, but I want the user to be able to use the phone’s copy function. If I use an and make it readonly or disabled, the copy function doesn’t come up. Is there another type of element that allows the copy function, but doesn’t bring up the keyboard? Other ideas? (This is tested on iPhone only so far.)