Prevent current route displaying on app resume

I display a modal in certain situations whenever my app resumes and I don’t want the current route (the page the user was displaying when the app went into background) to display before the modal appears. Currently for a split second or so the page appears before my modal - what’s the best way to prevent anything appearing on app resume before my modal pops up ?

Hmm… interesting one…

one option - when the modal is shown, blank the underlying page? Or make it skeleton-loader style.

I think the magic should go right after you popup the modal - or with a slight delay.

Would that work?

But the content always shows (very briefly) BEFORE the modal is displayed i.e as soon as the resume event fires the content is there

I think the key is possibly to handle this on app pause as suggested here. I will give that a go.

I got round my particular issue as I posted in here

Great! Thx for sharing