Present Native Screen with SAME state each time

So I have an ionic app built with capacitor in which I have 4 normal ionic pages and a single NATIVE PAGE. I can open and close this native page and get the data as I intend too. But the problem is, the native page obviously doesn’t work with the ionic stack. When I go from page 1 to page 2(NATIVE). upon finishing the task, I go back to page one, from where I then again route to page 3. The problem is, going back from page 3 takes to page 1 as expected and if I open page 2 from page 3 upon back, it’s a new instance everytime. whatever the user did is lost. So what I want is to somehow not destroy my native activity and just maybe hide/show it everytime without it being destroyed. I have tried launchmode=“singleInstance” doesn’t help. Right now I am clueless how it can be done,