Prepopulated database with PouchDB

Hi guys! :smile:
Exist any tutorial about prepopulated DB with PouchDB?
Is it possible to pre-populate the database from the browser?

Thanks in advance,
Regards, Nicholls

Hi! Iā€™m having some trouble with this too. So far, I got some success this way:

  • used chrome browser to develop app and populate a database(chrome websql database)
  • open this folder: ~/.config/google-chrome/Default/databases/http_localhost_8100
  • the files in this folder are sqlite files. I copied the biggest one to the www folder
  • and renamed it to "_pouch_mydatabase.db"

This got me to achieve some success but not completely. Iā€™m now thinking about not using chrome to populate de database, do it on a simulator and then use the dbCopy plugin to get the database files.