Preloaded sqlite db file delivered with App, but security is a concern

If I deliver my app with sqlite database preinstalled somewhere, it seems not secure. And anyone can hack it and get the sqlite db file and use themselves.

There’s article on how to deliver sqlite file with your app; however, it does not talk about any security.

Talking about the security with sqlite, is there a way to prevent user to access the db file?
I’m not talking about encrypting data inside the database. Or is there a better way to do this rather than using sqlite?

I dont think theres a way you would be able to prevent users from accessing your db file. Best bet is probably to use something like SQLCypher to encrypt your DB.

Is it possible for you to store your data on a backend server rather than on the device?

For some data, I’m using data on Cloud. However, for some data, i want to be offline accessible, so was using sqlite.

But, if i don’t preload sqlite db file, but let user to download from the internet (and store somewhere safe), would that be inaccessible?

got ya… are you using AWS?? If so, check out amazon cognito, which helps with syncing offline data back online…

I’m not syncing data with cloud. This data on sqlite is a separate database which is on the local device. For all the secure data will be stored on the cloud; however, this sqlite database is just like a book data which do not need any interaction with the Cloud.

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