Prefix default ionic class names

Is it possible to change the default class names ie. item etc to something prefixed by ionic. We are integrating this framework with an existing application and we use classes like item right now and the styles are conflicting.

Just wondering if we can do this on the ionic end vs having to re-write a bunch of stuff on our end.


Sure can.

Just change this to what ever you want

Thanks for the reply @mhartington however i was referring to the actual framework and not the icons file. The directives you created have some default css class names added. I was trying to see if there was an easy way to ignore to change these without having to change the framework files.

For example the directive always adds the .item class. I would like to know if there was a way to change this default behaviour so it will add ion-item class instead.

Ahh, yeah I totally misread the question.
So yeah you’d need to start editing the js files in the source code.

Soo unfortunately its not going to be an easy thing to do

thank you @mhartington that’s what i was afraid of. lol