Pre-populated database?

Hello all,

I want to know something. I have placed a mydatabase.db file inside www folder and copied it using plugin.

Now, I want to delete that mydatabase.db file from www folder, after copying it to sqlite default storage using above plugin. Anyone have idea? How ca I delete that db? We can get appdirectory only in read only mode, so we can able to delete aseets files? It says directory not found when I am trying to delete that.

Please help asap. Thanks all :slight_smile:

You can do this with the native File plugin:

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I have tried, but it not works. Can you show here some demo type code. I have do something like it

this.file.removeFile(this.file.applicationDirectory+“www”,“mydatabase.db”) and returns promise.It always show directory not exists in error.

I don’t think this is possible. The applicationDirectory is a fictional window into your APK, and I don’t think it can be modified by any means.

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