PouchDB performance + how to increase app start

I am working on some Ionic 2 Android apps, for which I use PouchDB for persistent data storage. They are running well, however, the starting time of these apps is quite long (10s and more). Most of the starting time is required for the initialization of the PouchDB databases and for loading the relevant data into the data service class.

My question: Do you have experience with techniques to improve the PouchDB start time?

I have already one idea to drastically improve the start time, for which I would appreciate any feedback: Would it be an option to save a page, once the data is loaded and the output is rendered, and to quickly load this saved page at app start? The data loading could be performed in background, while the user already sees the pre-rendered page. Is this an option? Is there a way at all to save a page output in Ionic 2?