Possible Regression between RC2 and RC5

Hello guys,

Sorry new to this, and apologies if I am mentioning this in
the wrong place.

I have been using RC2 version in my app for a while and
decided to update to the latest version which currently is RC5.

Seems like few things have been changed and I had to revert
back to RC2.

Changes that have affected my app:

  1. Progress indicator / status indicator circle stopped
    working for me (works fine in RC2)

  2. Side menu hamburger button is on the right in RC2 and now
    is on the left (still using android and still says side=“right”)

  3. When scrolling, list items are very glitchy - this was
    not the issue in RC2 everything seemed smooth. However now, they dreg as if the
    "lag" behind or something and at times gapes appear between list
    items when dragging/scrolling

Maybe this helps, but feel free to ask me more questions.

Keep up great work, really liking this framework.

Kind Regards,