Possibilities of Cordova? Custom Video Player Creation

I’m currently deciding on how to do my next project. It’s all about an interactive video player or custom video player with own controls for an music instrument learning application. For example you should be able to adjust speed of the video, change the view (there are three views which show the same), and also record your sound while the video and see somewhere how good you play. Also standard features like sliding through the video with some bar and so on are included.

Of course there is a basic app where you choose which video and so on. So I’m currently thinking of writing the video player native for ios/android and the rest of the app in Ionic and include the video player with Cordova. I would have to pass some data and so. But do you think this is possible to write such a large component native and bind it in, because currently most cordova plugins just give you access to one “function” and return the result of using the hardware for example.

What do you think? Thanks for your help
If you have other solutions for the problem, feel free to tell me please.