Portals quick start instructions aren't working

Howdy, i’m new to developing in Ionic and want to set up Ionic Portals as i have a native IOS and Android app. I have cloned this repository


set up the IOS app in Xcode and the web app in the Appflow just like the quick start guide tells me to and followed every one of those steps

iOS Quick Start - Ionic Portals

However, when booting up the emulator in xcode i keep getting an error saying “Unable to find capacitor.config.json” and “unable to find config.xml” this might indicate that a connection with the web app in Appflow was not set up after all. Any thoughts on what might be happening? Is there anything that i’m missing that doesn’t appear in the quick start guide, thanks in advance.

try asking in portals forum section

I wasn’t aware of the existence of that forum, I just looked it up and i’m not able to add a new topic :thinking: