Popup like twitter [important] please

Hi smart guys!

If someone have an idea how to do this I will really OWN YOU!!! (so desperate)

I reproduced my issue here: http://codepen.io/anon/pen/HKDgq

As you can see I have:

  1. collection of statuses
  2. each status can have picture
  3. each status can have long text
  4. problem
  5. infinite scroll
  6. ui-sref

I am working on poker project where pictures are very important because usually the pictures are about graphs where are very small numbers. Also the statuses can be pretty long.

WHAT I NEED TO DO? Open a single status. Display the picture as clearly as possible.

My current idea: (as in twitter app)
I would display a list of statuses (shorter like now) without picture but with some link like: “open picture”.
When user would click on it a popup (customized to full width, height of the screen) would appear. The same would happened when user would like to display the status in single view (to read longer texts).

I can’t use ui-sref for new view because if I will do so and then I will click on back button the whole infinite scroll position will be lost and the whole content will be reloaded. So I decided to use popup which never looses position BUT:

Using popup is horrible as the performance are bad when I am trying to scroll something in my phone it lags).
In popup I can’t zoom, when using phone using gestures, the picture.

How would you do it?
How twitter does it ?

PROBLEM 1: Twitter nicely open the picture in full screen. IN THAT FULL SCREEN I AM ABLE TO ZOOM PICTURE and then when I tap back button the picture simple closes itself.

PROBLEM 2: In twitter when I click on some tweet it opens into new view but when I click back I am in exactly that place when I was before opening single view. No refresh content, no losing position.

I am looking for the best solution for this problem.