Popup cancel button doesn't work


“prompt” not close “cancel” button

On my system does not work the “Cancel” button. I did a copy paste of the original code to do a simple test and does not work.

I can not find what is wrong.

Test example: http://jsfiddle.net/Chofoteddy/y7D4r/

==== SPANISH ====

“prompt” no cierra con botón “cancelar”

En mi sistema no funciona el botón “Cancel”. Hice un copy paste del código original para hacer una prueba sencilla y tampoco funciona.

No encuentro cuál es el error.

Ejemplo de prueba: http://jsfiddle.net/Chofoteddy/y7D4r/


If you replace the 1.0 beta 1 js with the nightly builds, everything works great. This is a know issue and will be fixed when the next beta is released


Perfect, thank you, wait for the next version and then updated my files.