Popping back to rootpage gets rid of navbar?

I have a LoginPage which takes me to another page which has an option to logout; I’m using:

For Logout:


For Login:


and it’s working fine, except this gets rid of the navbar on the LoginPage and the LoginPage only starts working if I press some sort of hidden button on the top left, which is, according to inspect element, the page with the logout option itself.

Initially, inspect element shows a single ion-page with class=“login-page show-page”.

After logging out, it displays three ion-pages; first has class=“account-options show-page”, second is “login-page show-page” and third is “login-page”.

After clicking on the top left, it displays two ion-pages; “login-page show-page” twice.

Okay, I found out that if I use toolbar instead of navbar - which in this instance is perfect - for the LoginPage then it doesn’t disappear…

But I still get two LoginPages and some odd behavior after returning to the root page.